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The labcoats rarely paid attention to the axolotl tank. Nobody saw the amphibians form a circle and wave their gills in perfect sync. They didn't catch the signal either - not that they could have. They only noticed the effects months later, long after the ritual was complete, when news came in that a spacetime singularity was distorting the Martian orbit.

They pointed their radiotelescopes at the wormhole. Its spectrum spoke of liquid water, breathable air, a yellow dwarf for a sun -- hope for humanity. Too promising to be true, but we believed it anyway. Even the early probes were fooled. It wasn't until the manned mission reached orbit that we saw their cities regrow and their populace emerge.

I made this with Copic markers and a bit of Polychromos colored pencils. It won first place in the November 2017 FaunaFocus Free-For-All, which featured the axolotl.

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