The image above is concept art for a racing game that may or may not still be in development. Painted over a screenshot (but you can't see any of it anymore). The pixelized texture is meant to imitate the nearest-neighbor interpolation algorithm commonly seen in PS1-era 3D games.

Game jam games

A platformer game set in a dark, moody cave; the characters are masked figures in south american aboriginal clothing

I made the background and the platforms in this game. Took me a couple of hours.

A platformer game set in a dark, moody cave; the main character is being attacked by a dive-bombing blob and a chubby beaked creature with blue skin, red swirly markings, and a tail made of fire

For some reason, it didn't tile properly. I also drew the monster on the top right corner.

A very grainy picture of a desk with a computer monitor and keyboard. GIMP is open on the screen. There's a sketchbook and a box of wafers handy.

I painted this in GIMP while snacking on delicious wafers.

Unreleased games

T-pose sketch of a humanoid monkey with a fierce expression and bandages around his fists

Concept art of a martial arts "monkey warrior" for concept approval and 3D modeling.

See also

For games that I wrote code for, check out Videogames.